Complexes in society and beauty standards

Beauty standards

Perfect, tall, abundant hair, white teeth, fleshy, thin lips, marked muscles, silky skin, no flaws. This is how society wants us to believe that we should all be. Beauty standards increasingly push us to desire perfection, but we ask ourselves, to what extent is it acceptable?

Apparently this pressure is mostly exerted on women. They are pushed to have the perfect measurements, a skin without marks and silky hair. However, men are also pressured to be human versions of the Greek Gods. And you may think that we are signaling a healthy lifestyle, with healthy eating and exercises to achieve beautiful and athletic bodies. But that’s not what it’s about. We openly criticize when the big brands, from any sector, imply that, if you do not have perfect characteristics, you do not fit.

Pressure from society

The pressures imposed by society have increased, as a result of globalization, the reach of digital media and the importance gained by social networks. The tendency is to show an enviable life, a perfect body and the best face, in order to get the most followers and likes, feeding everyone’s ego.

The result of all this pressure is a society full of complexes and insecurities. Complexes contain repressed emotions and ideas, associated with the person’s experiences. These unconscious ideas disturb the behavior of the subject and influence his personality and therefore his behavior. For example, a person who is self-conscious with his body, avoids going to the beach, although he loves the sea, in the case of people suffering from alopecia, they avoid socializing in general, for fear of being teased.

Deep down, we all have complexes, however, the key is to treat the traumas that produce them and gradually overcome the fears until we feel free. We know that the pressure is becoming more serious, stronger, more tangible, not only for the world and consumerism, but also for our closest environment, friends, family and co-workers, who check us from top to bottom and although the people who love us, will not criticize us, we will always find the “funny” who asks us why we are bald so young or who have noticed that we gain weight.

How to deal with complexes

What we can recommend is that, if you want to be a conscious person who is not controlled by their complexes, the first thing you should do is explore the origin of these and determine if they have a solution. Sometimes, it is difficult to prevent them from coming out, but you can downplay them and, therefore, not devote so much time of your life to dealing with them.

Avoid negativity, don’t feel threatened, blamed or labeled for being in any way. Sometimes it seems that everything is colluded to make you feel inferior but it is not like that. If you control your existence, nothing and no one can throw you to the ground. Regain confidence in yourself. If there’s something about you you don’t like and you can change it, do it, but only because improving that aspect will make you feel good about yourself. It is very important that you accept yourself as you are, your self-esteem is something that you must always take care of. Seek to please yourself first and others last.

If you want to change, check first if it is totally necessary, it is possible that what is causing you a complex, is actually not so serious. It is better that you spend time proposing to change and look for the best solutions, than to feel bad and meet those beauty standards. If you suffer from a complex due to having alopecia, as we have mentioned on other occasions, first of all, you should consider if it really represents a problem for your self-esteem. If so, then plate what are the options you have, to determine which one best suits your needs and lifestyle, but always looking for your best version to please yourself. Regaining your confidence is just a matter of decision, perseverance and taking the final step. Up that spirit!


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