Hair prosthesis user testimonial: “I wanted to try and look better.”

In Hair Solution we focus primarily on satisfying the needs of each of our customers, we work with quality products, at affordable prices and we have a team of professional stylists who strive to perform their work with excellence, which has led us to be a leading company in the sector. Today we will know the testimony of a hair prosthesis user:

Manuel is a 38-year-old single from Malaga, who works as a hotel receptionist. He arrived at the center with high expectations and somewhat anxious. His transformation was recorded on video for our social networks and we were delighted with his personality and the trust he placed in our specialists to carry out the whole process.

“I don’t have any complexes because I’m shaved.” This was the answer Manuel gave us when we wanted to know why he had decided to get prosthetics. He continued with the following:

“I decided it just to see a change in me. I wanted to try and look better. Apart I have two years watching videos of you and I liked the good ones that remain, they are quite natural and then I said, I’m going to wear it. “

It struck us that his willingness to get a prosthesis was as a test. What is totally acceptable and in many cases recommended, when you are not sure of wanting to take the step to change, fortunately is something reversible and much cheaper than the other alternatives available in the market.

What options did you consider before the hair prosthesis?

“I considered grafting but it didn’t really amount to anything. I rejected it because I saw that you had to go through at least two operations to obtain the desired density. Which I can get with a hair prosthesis instantly and painlessly.”

Were you a user of any other cosmetic solution for alopecia, before deciding on hair prostheses?

“You’re welcome, I’ve been shaved for 4 years

As you know, Hair Solution offers a wide variety of standard prostheses, in addition to offering the elaboration service in a personalized way. In the private consultation we have with our new clients, we explain what are the main characteristics of each of the prostheses to determine what exactly you want and which fits your lifestyle.

For Manuel the most important thing is “that it is as undetectable as possible, followed by the hair being natural, and finally durability”

Does it make you nervous to know that you wear hair prostheses?

“I said it in the end. At first I wasn’t going to say anything, I was nervous at the first impression… But I think that when they see me, they will be upset two or three times and that’s it. I don’t care about the comments that may arise, I’m prepared.”

We asked him before putting on the prosthesis what his expectations were when he became a prosthesis user.

“I don’t know how I’m going to look, it’s an image I’m trying to think of, but my expectation is to look very good, younger and not noticeable.”

Are you aware of the whole routine involved in wearing a hair prosthesis, specifically maintenance?

Right now I see it a bit complicated, but like everything, the first times it will take longer, but then with practice I will do it quicklyPsychologically I am prepared… I just have to learn to comb my hair again.”

You should all be aware that the maintenance routine costs a little at first, but it’s all a matter of practice. We provide our users with private tutorials to observe the process in detail. And if they come regularly to our center, the stylists will always be willing to guide how it should be done.

We will be happy to receive you in our center. If you want a private consultation you can call us at 910 25 06 59 or write to

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