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Hair Solution is the leader in state-of-the-art hair replacement systems, providing a 100% natural look that’s undetectable to sight and touch.

We tailor our hairpieces to the characteristics of your hair, meaning you can show off your hairline and lead a totally normal life, without even realising that you’re wearing a hairpiece!

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With Hair Solution fibres, you can thicken your hair or cover thinning patches. They’re undetectable to…

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With the Tricology Pack, you can prevent, slow down and reverse hair loss in just three steps: dual-action exfoliator, …

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Hair Solution’s Method

The best stylists for a perfect finish!

At our salons you’ll take advantage of an exclusive technique which will guarantee the perfect fit and finish of the prosthesis.

Out stylists are technically prepared to make the best mould for your prosthesis, and to adapt the result to your characteristics pulling off the hairstyles which will show the best of you.

And all the care and maintenance products you’ll ever need just a click away!

If you prefer to look after the care and maintenance of your hairpiece yourself, you’ll find the very best products in our online store.

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