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At Hair Solution we have been dedicated to hair health for more than 10 years

At Hair Solution, we have more than 10 years of experience in the field of hair medicine.

Our team of highly trained specialists has cared for thousands of patients, providing effective solutions for a wide range of hair problems.

We are proud to have helped so many people regain their confidence and well-being through our cutting-edge treatments.

Ministry of Health
Authorized Health Center: CS18960

Choose who you want to be and discover your best version through
hair care with Hair Solution

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Javier Ross, CEO of Hair Solution

In the not so distant past, a brave entrepreneur, now CEO of Hair Solution, founded the company in 2012 after suffering from the terrible alopecia in his own flesh. Pain and demoralization pushed him to look for solutions in the market, where he discovered hair prostheses. After trying one on his own head, he realized that in Spain there was no such service and that he could help those who had no alternatives due to the nature or severity of their alopecia.

Thus began his struggle from a modest premises, but Hair Solution was growing and expanding, becoming a national leader and a reference in Europe in hair prostheses. Today, the company is a major player in medical and aesthetic solutions related to hair health, bringing hope and confidence to its customers.

From those humble beginnings, Hair Solution has proven that dreams can come true. Its founder has left an inspiring legacy, proving that with passion and dedication great things can be achieved. The story of Hair Solution is a reminder that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, an opportunity to blossom and shine, even in the darkest moments.

Our medical team and hair health specialist is recognized nationally and internationally

Our specialists are leaders in the sector and have contributed to the research and development of new techniques and hair treatments. We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence in all our services.

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Advancing hair care with cutting-edge technology

At Hair Solution, we stand out for our focus on applying cutting-edge technology in hair care. Our commitment to innovation allows us to deliver more effective solutions and outstanding outcomes for our patients. We are proud to lead the way in integrating technology and hair medicine to provide cutting-edge treatment experiences.

We are committed to your results and accompany you throughout the process

At Hair Solution, we care deeply about the satisfaction and well-being of our patients. Our approach is focused on offering a personalized and quality service, providing individualized attention and listening carefully to the needs of each person.

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Roberto's experience with his hair transplant
“The result is better than I expected, and they are also very attentive to everything I need. A 10 experience"

Roberto had a problem with the tickets and the cornilla. After much thought, he decided on Hair Solution and we performed a graft of 3,200 follicles.

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Adam's experience with his hair prosthesis
“I would never have imagined this result, it is very simple, I recommend it to everyone”

Adam lost his hair when he was young and now, when he turned 50, his dream was to get it back, so he contacted Hair Solution so we could help him.
The result is spectacular.
In 1 day he became more than 10 years younger.
At 50 years old he sports the hair he always wanted.
The prosthesis is undetectable, breathable and natural.

Julia's experience with her mesotherapy treatment
“I have recovered the shine of my hair and now it grows stronger”

Julia had little density in addition to very fine hair. The day she arrived she told us that this was common among the women in her family. For us it was clear, she needed a mesotherapy treatment and today Julia is very happy with her hair and she continues to come from time to time to visit us.
She regained the shine and strength of her hair.
Now her hair grows healthy.
The treatment is tailored.

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We are committed to your results.
We are leaders in hair solutions in Europe.

👉 More than 10 years of experience.

👉 European leaders in hair solutions.

👉 We accompany you throughout the process.