Maintenance of hair prostheses, at home or in the center?

If you are already a user of prostheses, you should know that to keep in optimal conditions and extend the useful life of the capillary systems it is necessary to perform maintenance every seven days at least. Today we are going to analyze if the maintenance of hair prostheses is better done at home or in the hair center.

Prostheses are made of natural hair, but obviously, it is not something that will fulfill the same biological functions of the healthy scalp (such as growing hair and keeping it hydrated with sebum).

Maybe you think it would be very comfortable not to have to remove it every week, but it is what should be done for reasons of hygiene and aesthetics. Your scalp continues to grow hair and produces oil and sweat. These elements contribute to the piece getting dirty, mistreating its fixation or adhesion is affected. That is why it is so necessary to perform the maintenance of hair prostheses.

What does maintenance consist of?

In this procedure, the prosthesis is removed using an adhesive deactivator, ensuring that the tapes remain on the scalp. Then, the remains of tape or adhesive that have remained on the prosthesis are cleaned. A trick to easily clean the residues of the prosthesis, is to place a piece of transparent film paper in a mirror, and then slide the piece forcefully against the plastic wrap. If there are still remains, you can spray solvent on the mesh, massage for a few seconds and wash well to remove any residue that may remain.

On the other hand, your scalp must also be conditioned to receive the prosthesis again: Clean the residues of tape or adhesive and shave the incipient natural hair, taking care not to expand the shaved area where the prosthesis is going to be placed.

Finally, the placement of the prosthesis must be done clean and dry. It should be as aligned as possible to the front and back of the head, respecting the union of your natural hair with that of the prosthesis on the sides. This integration is key so that it is not noticed that you wear a hair prosthesis, although this is also influenced by elements such as the type of prosthesis, cut and hairstyle.

Already knowing how the process is, you should know what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing maintenance at home or in the hair center, whether you are a regular customer of the same or if you only ask for appointments for placement.

Home maintenance.


The first positive aspect is the freedom to do it at the time and date you want. You may have a very tight schedule and make a weekly appointment to go to the center becomes complicated. So doing it in the comfort of your home, allows you to choose the moment and do it when you think it is necessary.

The economic factor is also a great advantage. You can save weekly the cost of maintenance service and make an appointment only when you need a cut of sides, change of prosthesis, or when you have a special occasion and want to go very handsome. Cosconsiderra that the stylist of the center can touch it up better than you. At Hair Solution, we take this aspect into account and offer programs with maintenance bonuses at an affordable price.


Not everyone has the ability to put the prosthesis in a matter of 50 minutes. If you are not very dexterous with your hands, this process can generate a lot of anxiety and frustration. For it to be perfectly aligned, it takes practice, patience and a little dexterity. You need to be willing to learn and improve every time you do.

Some users require the help of someone they trust to do the maintenance, such as a wife, mother or friend, and although this is very positive because you keep it private, it can generate dependence on that person to do it.

Another disadvantage is that although you save the cost of the service, you consume the products necessary for it. Many times they are wasted or not used properly and you have to replace those products ahead of schedule. A maintenance kit consisting of a couple of packs of tapes, scalp protector, adhesive, solvent and 250ml deactivator usually lasts 2 months, but if you do not control the amounts you should use, you will end up spending more money.

Finally, poorly done maintenance puts the useful life of the hair prosthesis at risk. Many situations can occur such as breakage of the piece, or hair with adhesive residues. These pieces deserve special care so that they remain in good condition and it is convenient to leave them in the hands of experts. This way you can take advantage of the prosthesis for as long as possible, which will undoubtedly save us the money of acquiring a new one before contemplated.

Maintenance in the center.


If your center or stylist allows it, you can schedule weekly all the necessary appointments to make the services you require. This, apart from giving you the peace of mind of having controlled the care of your prosthesis, also helps to better organize your agenda. The time in the centers is limited, so you already know in advance the duration of the service you are going to perform.

The maintenance in the center is a guarantee of a good service and excellent finish. The professionals are trained to perform this procedure in the most agile, fast and comfortable way possible for clients. They also know the care they must have with the prosthesis, always ensuring its good condition for placement. The cleaning of the prosthesis is much more complete. Surely you are satisfied with the hairstyle. Stylists also determine if the prosthesis has lost quality or hair and communicate to clients the ideal time to change it.

Attending the center, you can combine the maintenance service, with additional services with very little price difference, such as side cutting, complete cutting, mold or nuance retouching when you consider it necessary.


Moving to the center can be a problem for some customers, especially those in other cities. Being a service that must be performed weekly, it is advisable to locate a center that is accessible to you. If you are far from your initial placement center, you must learn how to perform maintenance or locate a hairdresser, stylist or nearby center that offers the service.

The cost may vary but you must bear in mind that, monthly you must do the service at least 3 times, which is an expense that you must include in your financial programming.

Whether at home or in the center, what you should be clear about is that the maintenance of hair prostheses is essential. It is a vital procedure so that you can wear the prosthesis in optimal conditions, save money and look great, as you have always wanted.

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