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Micropigmentation is a very safe and non-aggressive technique, which makes it a very effective option to solve certain problems that would otherwise be very difficult to correct.

Very safe and non-aggressive technique

Very effective in hiding scars

The perfect complement to the graft


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What is capillary micropigmentation?

The technique of capillary micropigmentation or tricopigmentation is a treatment that simulates the presence of hair output on the scalp, through selective micropigmentation of the same. The main objectives are to modify, correct, beautify and rebalance in a semi-permanent way certain body features using the implantation of pigment in the skin.

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For whom is capillary micropigmentation recommended?

It is an excellent option to hide scalp scars, simulate the increase in hair density and the appearance of a shaved head in patients with aggressive or total alopecia.

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Frequently asked questions

The technique consists of the injection of a small amount of pigment into the superficial layer of the dermis of the scalp, whose main objective is to achieve a natural appearance of it. It is a practically painless procedure and, without a doubt, it is a logical and inimitable therapeutic option to cover unpopulated areas, such as scar areas.

As a complement to the hair graft, it may allow wider extensions in donor areas with some weakness. Micropigmentation can be performed in the recipient area, where we have previously performed a hair microtransplant to give a greater sense of density or also in the donor area, when we have extracted a certain amount of hair follicles to also give a greater sensation of density.

This technique is performed between 2 and 3 times with a duration per session of approximately 1 hour if it is a small area. Otherwise it may take longer, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Taking into account that it is painless, it is a relatively simple and quick process to perform.

Going into more detail, this technique reaches a depth that varies between 0.25 and 1.75 millimeters in the skin. This will allow to give the desired image without damaging the scalp.

Once the process is finished, the scalp may become slightly irritated or inflamed due to the use of the needles, but nothing to worry about. By letting a few hours pass the scalp will return to its normal state. It is possible that some pore expels some excess ink, but in no way will it affect the final result.

Before undergoing treatment, you should follow certain precautions that will be previously notified by the clinical team, such as avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages or not consuming anticoagulant medications.

It is a process, in which it is not even necessary to use anesthesia, but in some cases local or topical anesthesia can be used. Thanks to this treatment you can hide certain bald spots or favor the aesthetic image that we will give to others thanks to a greater sensation of hair density.

The front drawing line may differ based on the result you are looking for.

Tricopigmentation has practically no differences between men and women, nor does it happen with people who have long hair. In case of suffering a scar or partial alopecia (in very specific areas) there will be no need to shave the hair to be able to intervene in this treatment.

The results are usually optimal, since the presence of this micropigmentation is practically imperceptible, since it is a very advanced and developed technique. It can be used in patients who have total or partial baldness.

The results that are expected to be obtained in some patients are shaved effect or shaved effect, as if you had a naturally shaved scalp. This result is obtained in patients who have completely depopulated areas after hair loss.

Other patients seek a density-increasing effect, in the case of patients who previously have little hair and wish to increase their density visually.

A third group of patients may seek to disguise a scar area that may have previous hair microtransplant surgeries or other surgeries performed on the scalp.

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