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In our hair clinic in Madrid we have the best medical team to carry out accurate diagnoses and advanced treatments.

In addition, our clinic is equipped with the latest technological advances, which allows us to offer you the best results in hair medicine.

State-of-the-art equipment

Private service area

A cozy and modern environment

Ministry of Health
Authorized Health Center: CS18960

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people already enjoy their hair thanks to Hair Solution

Roberto's experience with his hair transplant
“The result is better than I expected, and they are also very attentive to everything I need. A 10 experience"

Roberto had a problem with the tickets and the cornilla. After much thought, he decided on Hair Solution and we performed a graft of 3,200 follicles.

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Adam's experience with his hair prosthesis
“I would never have imagined this result, it is very simple, I recommend it to everyone”

Adam lost his hair when he was young and now, when he turned 50, his dream was to get it back, so he contacted Hair Solution so we could help him.
The result is spectacular.
In 1 day he became more than 10 years younger.
At 50 years old he sports the hair he always wanted.
The prosthesis is undetectable, breathable and natural.

Julia's experience with her mesotherapy treatment
“I have recovered the shine of my hair and now it grows stronger”

Julia had little density in addition to very fine hair. The day she arrived she told us that this was common among the women in her family. For us it was clear, she needed a mesotherapy treatment and today Julia is very happy with her hair and she continues to come from time to time to visit us.
She regained the shine and strength of her hair.
Now her hair grows healthy.
The treatment is tailored.

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State-of-the-art technology in the hands of the best medical equipment

In our facilities in Madrid we have state-of-the-art equipment to carry out accurate diagnoses and high quality treatments.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to use the latest technologies in hair medicine and the best medical equipment to provide you with optimal results.

100% private consultation space

In the Hair Solution hair clinics we have a space dedicated to personalized consultation, where our experts in hair medicine will attend you individually.

Here, you can raise your concerns and receive detailed advice to find the most appropriate solution for your hair needs.

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