Should I say that I wear hair prostheses?

The latest generation hair prostheses.

A couple of decades ago, hair prostheses were not like those of today. Thanks to technological progress, manufacturing processes have been improved, resulting in a variety of hair systems very well achieved in terms of structure, quality, finish and most importantly: 100% undetectable to sight and touch. The years are over where the brave gentlemen who decided to put on a dream, were the object of ridicule, comments behind their backs and uncomfortable looks for “carrying a cat on their head”.

Now times have changed and we can count on various options to solve alopecia aesthetically using hair systems, since most of these are usually undetectable, although they also influence this factor, the style of the hairstyle in combination with the type of prosthesis worn by the client. However, we know that taking this step brings with it a series of fears and doubts. First make the decision to put it or not and then the dilemma of how to deal with the reaction of the people around you appears. There are many ways to do this, all are valid. In our center we maintain the confidentiality of our clients, but in general we have detected that they face the placement and reactions in the following ways:

Should I say that I wear hair prostheses?

There are those who speak openly about the subject. These clients even make a preamble to the placement and communicate to their relatives in advance what they plan to do. Sometimes they do a previous survey to know the opinions of their loved ones or friends, although the final decision is made by them. The benefit of this is that it considerably reduces undesirable reactions and increases the confidence of the user customer because he already knows what to expect from others (although in many cases they do not care).

Others say it only to a few very close people, such as the partner, father or mother and also “prepare the ground” for the change, going on vacation at work and that when they return there are not many who notice the difference. In these cases, the client does not usually communicate openly that he wears prostheses but if someone asks him he does not deny it, he is not ashamed to wear it. It is the majority profile at least, in our center.

There are those who do not tell anyone or only a person of their total confidence, who then acts as an aid or supervision when performing maintenance. It also supports in case of a mishap with the prosthesis. These clients are closed and those around him do not know that he wears prostheses, but if anyone were to ask they would try to change the subject or deny it.

And there are extreme cases where the customer hides it from everyone. It does not communicate it to trusted people and does not want to be related to anything in the world of prostheses, therefore, they perform maintenance themselves and do not attend the center, except in emergencies. He does not follow social networks to avoid being linked, much less give up image rights to appear in them.

All these ways of handling placement and subsequent reactions are totally understandable and acceptable. They depend largely on the personality and level of trust of the client.


Our recommendation is to first assess the need for placement. Think if it is what you really want, and if that is far above the environment in which you live. At the end of the day, the opinion of others should not matter much if making a makeover is going to make us feel good about ourselves. A confident person is the perfect formula to face all challenges.

We hope you can leave your comments and continue discussing this important issue when making the decision.

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