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At Hair Solution we are specialists in grafts. We have an expert medical team in hair transplantation, pioneer in the FUE technique and using the latest technological advances.

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Roberto's experience with his hair transplant

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“The result is better than I expected, plus they are very attentive to everything I need. A 10″ experience.”

Roberto had a problem with the entrances and the bugle. After much thought, he decided on Hair Solution and we performed a graft of 3200 follicles.

You can rest assured, we are 100% committed to your results

At Hair Solution we are aware of how fundamental it is for you to take this step and, therefore, for us it is important to give you peace of mind.

If you do not get the promised result, we guarantee to perform a retouching of your graft.

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Medical team experienced in hair transplantation and pioneer in the FUE technique

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):
it is the most advanced technique of grafting.

The follicular units are extracted one by one and accompanied by their perifollicular structures without the need for cuts. Subsequently, they are implanted in the area to be repopulated without leaving scars. For more information, you can watch the video with the explanation of Dr. José Úbeda.

Advantages of the technique WAS


It does not leave scars, so it is highly recommended for people who wear short hair.


Highly accurate, if the area to be repopulated is not very wide or you need to cover scars of the FUSS technique.


It is efficient and effective when you do not have very populated areas of hair to donate, since we can extract from different areas.


There is no rejection and it offers definitive results, since the transplanted follicles and the recipient area share genetic characteristics.


Dr. José Úbeda

Surgeon in Madrid

A hair transplant specialist, he uses the DHI implantation method (Implanters “Lion”), in addition to mastering the FUE technique with manual and monitored extraction.

He offers trichological diagnostic consultations with medical and surgical advice, as well as post-operative check-ups and follow-up. He also performs PRP applications and mesotherapy.


  • Degree in Medicine
  • Master in Trichology and Hair Micrograft
  • Expert in Integrated Medicine
  • Research and Systematic Review


We have our own clinics and collaborators under the quality standards of Hair Solution

It doesn’t matter where you are. Surely there is a Hair Solution center near you. Contact us so that we can inform you in detail.

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Now you can finance all our treatments up to 60 months. Free for up to 24 months.

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Now taking advantage of one of our programs, you can have a guarantee of up to 12 months

Frequently asked questions

There are several. First of all that hair loss has stabilized, taking into account the pattern of possible future hair loss. It is important to know the cause of alopecia and, where appropriate, treat it properly, to cut hair loss before proceeding to the implant. Then the density and number of follicular units available in the donor area (back and side of the head) must be determined, so that there are enough to cover the depopulated area. The characteristics of the scalp and hair can also condition the final result.

In addition to having cutting-edge technology and a team with extensive experience, in Hair Solution you will have:

  • Surgeon present at all times in your intervention. Unlike other clinics, our doctors do not perform several surgeries at the same time.
  • Monitoring of your graft for 18 months, until guaranteeing its correct implantation and the best result.
  • The first washes and cures will take place in our hair spa, where you will not only be treated with the greatest care but you will also have a complementary experience for your 5 senses.
  • If after the first months of the intervention, we observe that there is an area that has been uneven, we perform a touch up to offer you the best result.
  • Not only do we take care of the medical part, but we will bring you a snack so you can regain strength throughout the morning.

At Hair Solution, we don’t consider ourselves the cheapest option on the market. If you’re looking exclusively for low prices, we may not be the right clinic for you. Our philosophy is to offer the highest quality treatments with incredible results. We believe investment is worth every penny when it comes to your looks and confidence.

In addition, with the health of our patients we do not gamble. Meeting sanitary requirements and offering the best quality is for us something that is not negotiable.

Each session can last between 4 and 5 hours. As for the number of sessions, it will depend on the extension of the area to be repopulated and the density you want to obtain.

Yes. Unlike other clinics, our doctors do not perform multiple surgeries at the same time. The doctor who will carry out the whole process will be the same one you have met in your appointments and who has evaluated your case and you can count on him to be present at all times in your intervention.

It is convenient, since local anesthesia is used to perform the implant.

Keep in mind that in the vast majority of cases the transplanted hair will fall out after a week and will not start to come out again until after three months (some before and others later), growing one centimeter per month This means that the final results will not be clearly visible until at least 9 months have passed.

No. The hair on the nape of the neck and the sides of the head are genetically programmed never to fall out and will maintain this characteristic regardless of where on the head they have been grafted.

If the team of specialists involved in the hair implant intervention has the necessary experience, almost all follicular units will survive.

No. It will be enough to carry out the usual care that is carried out with the rest of the hair, even when it comes to the use of cosmetic products.

Of course. In fact, eyebrows, eyelashes, areas of the beard and other areas of the body where they have lost their hair can be repopulated, for example, as a result of a scar.

It is a minimally invasive surgery, so complications, not frequent, will always be mild: infections, inflammation, redness of the skin, etc.

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