A study by the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, conducted by researcher Albert Mannes , states that hairless men are perceived as more powerful, masculine and with greater leadership capacity.

I neither affirm nor deny. The truth is that I find this study very interesting, especially because it helps to reaffirm the self-esteem of the researcher, since Albert Mannes, friends, is bald.

Albert Mannes

Without needing to rely on studies, I consider that not having hair does not feel equally good to everyone. It may sound a bit radical, but from my point of view the most aesthetic thing is to have hair or otherwise, shave your head. Since the half measures, type curtain Anasagasti, is the worst solution to pretend that we have some hair.

Iñaki Anasagasti

That’s why we propose two options: TO HAVE OR NOT TO HAVE, THAT IS THE QUESTION.


As we said before, not everyone feels good about shaving, so if you decide to shave your head it is very important to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. The shape of your head. Your head must be proportionate and have a rounded shape, otherwise other defects may jump to the view that previously covered the hair. Face. Your face should not be very elongated because when shaving it will lengthen our face.
  2. Ears. If by some chance you have protruding ears, beware! They will speak out more.
  3. Nose and eyes. Not having hair exaggerates your features, so your nose and eyes appear bigger because of the lack of hair.
  4. Not having hair also requires care. Although the first approach is to think that shaving is equal to not worrying, maintaining a beautiful shaved head requires certain “demands”:
  • You should shave continuously, because if you wait longer than you should, your degree of alopecia will be accentuated again.
  • You will have to protect your scalp. Even if it’s winter, the sun’s rays fall directly on your unprotected head. Use sunscreen and, of course, a cap and/or hat in summer.
  • You should also wash your head like everyone else. Not because there is no hair in sight means that it is not necessary to wash it. The follicles are still there, and they generate oil and get dirty, so you have to wash your scalp with a mild and neutral shampoo.
  • Some people are prone to having oily scalps. By not having hair, this problem is accentuated by being visible to everyone, giving an unattractive and even, sometimes, unpleasant image.

There are many examples of highly favored shaved celebrities. The issue is that they are handsome, both with hair and without it, so making the decision to pass the blade does not mean taking any risk.

On the other hand there are those who because of alopecia have decided to shave and who know that it fits them well, since before starting to lose their hair they had shaved and were favored.



Fredrik Ljungberg

If you’ve ever shaved, you may have a slight idea of how you’d be hairless. But if you have not come to raparte it is difficult to get the idea, and less if you have the assurance that it will look good.

Other surveys claim that women consider bald men more faithful, but that they like men with hair more.

Is it why bald men are not so attractive?

There are many famous shaved ones, but many more celebrities who boast of hair and it is even one of their fundamental hallmarks. Examples of this are Mario Di Vaio, Jon Kortajarena, Robert Pattinson, Cayetano Rivera or Andres Velencoso.

Other celebrities with less important manes but who get a lot out of their hair are Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Sergio Ramos, Bustamante…

If you are starting to lose hair or have been losing it for a long time, maybe you have already considered raparte on more than one occasion, but it gives you something in case it does not fit you as well as the celebrities we discussed and it is normal because it is a good option if you are a handsome but if not, it is not so easy I went through.

If you do not want to give up your old image, and you know in advance that it will not look good to you, there are other solutions to pass the blade:

You decide the path you want to choose: to have or not to have. Let no one choose for you, not even your genetics.


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