If you have come to this article it is because you are worried about your hair. Surely you have been noticing for some time that you lose hair and do not want alopecia to go further. You are looking for solutions but doubts among which will be the best choice: Pills, hair implant, prosthesis, fibers, shave or not take off my cap in what remains of my life?

Alternatives you have many, but 100% effective solutions very few ( That is why it is important that when choosing you examine well: Guarantees, effectiveness, price and reversibility. So that you are clear about these concepts when deciding, we will review the meaning of each of them.

“Guarantee: Security that is offered that a thing will be realized or happen.”

Assess what guarantees each solution offers you, since in some you will have to sign that you agree that the result is not successful. Few solutions will offer you guarantees without adverse effects.

In the case of medications you can find a long list of contraindications with serious risks to your health and even to your sex life, as is the case of finasteride

Graft scar

In the option of the graft you will have to assess a scar for life very unaesthetic, which in many cases involves the loss of sensitivity in the area or a great loss of density on the sides (FUE Technique). Do not be fooled, the graft consists of removing density from one side to place on another. In the words of some clients of failed graft and who are now users of prostheses: “The remedy was worse than the disease”

If you still decide to have a graft, our recommendation is that your degree of alopecia is between level 1 or 2 of the following norwood scale:

Norwood Scale

“Effectiveness: Quality of what is real, true, or valid.”

In HairSolution you will not have to wait months to see the result you want, just in a few hours you will experience what it means to have hair again.

In the best case that the graft is effective, it can never offer you the density, volume, and quality of hair that a prosthesis offers. We can help you see yourself in the mirror as you really would like.

“Price: Amount of money you have to pay for a thing.”

How much does it cost to regain your image and self-confidence? It’s hard to put a price on a value as intangible as this, but some would pay exorbitant figures for having hair. In fact, some of the alternatives to alopecia are available to very few, but if you carefully assess the guarantee-price ratio, in many cases it will not be attractive at all.

In HairSolution we believe that the possibility of solving alopecia problems should not only be available to a few, so we consider that our price is affordable and makes it available to the vast majority to solve their alopecia problems.

“Reversibility: Quality of reversible, which can return to a previous state or situation”

Few or none are the users who stop using the prosthesis to return to how they were before, but for whatever reason it was that led you to stop being a prosthesis user, it will always allow you to return to the starting point without having suffered any side effects.

At HairSolution we do not believe that the best solution to alopecia is to go under the knife or gorge on pills and that is why we offer you a solution with guarantees, effectiveness, price and reversibility. The increase of our users is the clear reflection that every day there are more people who rely on hair prostheses to solve their hair loss problems.

Before and after hair

We, as prosthetic wearers, know that taking the plunge is an important decision. That is why you must take your time, assess the pros and cons, do not rush and finally choose safely the decision that you have considered most positive.

How can I get more information?

The information you obtain will be key to making your decision, so from HairSolution we want to consider different options to offer you the maximum information at your fingertips.

On-line assessment: In the on-line assessment we put at your disposal our team of specialists to assess your case in a personalized way.

Online consultation

Once you contact us you will receive an email, with all the information about the prostheses. To that same email you can answer us with some photos (you do not need to see your face, only the affected part). After receiving the images you send us, our team of specialists will examine your photos assessing which is the best solution for your case.

Once we give you the go-ahead, you can call us to book your appointment with one of our stylists for the placement of a hair prosthesis, do not wait long! since we have waiting list.

HairSolution Open Doors

-Open days are free and require an appointment –

In these days, we will open our center so that all those undecided leave doubts and can witness the naturalness offered by a hair prosthesis. You will have the opportunity to meet one or more prosthetic users, who will share with you their testimony and in what aspects their quality of life has improved.

Not only do we want to consider these days as merely informative, but also as a group therapy that allows you to meet other users and interested parties with whom you can share the concerns, doubts and problems that alopecia poses when it comes to developing in your daily life.

There are many psychological studies that support the benefits of group therapy, but it is our own experience with clients that shows us that sharing your problems with other people makes them lose importance, generate less anxiety, help you understand that you are not alone and to open up in a healthier way. (

Group therapy

Have you ever shared your concern?

Would you like to know if your concerns coincide with those of other people?

What improvements can I get with a hair prosthesis?

Places are limited, so take advantage and reserve yours. We are sure that you will come out with another vision and face your problem with other perspectives.

These days will be held once a month, in small groups of 10-15 people, you can make the reservation of your assistance by appointment-prior by calling 91 025 06 59

Upcoming dates and times:

Saturday 27 February Morning 12:00 – 14:00

Saturday 27 February Afternoon 16:00 – 18:00

Personalized valuation consultation:

It is an exclusive service of valuation in private cabin. The consultation lasts 45 minutes and costs € 50.00. In that appointment a technician of the company (user of prosthetics) or one of our stylists will assess your case in a personalized way.

1. First you will make a questionnaire.

2. Based on your answers, we will assess:



Degree of concern for the environment

What a look you want.

3. Advice on the best system for your needs.

4. Taking action.

5. Take color, percentage of gray hair and length.

6. Presentation of prostheses.

7. Resolution of doubts.

8. Allergy test.

Personalized consultation

-The personalized valuation consultation has a cost of € 50.00-

In this consultation, you will meet a prosthesis user and you will be able to observe the great result offered by our systems.

Many of you will wonder why this type of consultation is charged, but this exclusive attention requires time and a qualified person. For those who do not value this option, you have the other two alternatives.

With this wide range of options to inform you about how our prostheses are, we hope you have much less doubts about it and if you still have you can continue waiting or trying)


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