“It may not be easy but it sure is worth it”

We know that taking the step to get a prosthesis is not an easy task, but no one said that the important decisions of your life were the easiest. In fact, it is those decisions that cost us so much to make that mark a before and after in our lives.

It may not be easy, but it's worth it

Today, thanks to Carlos’ generos, we offer you the real testimony of a HairSolution client, a prosthesis user.

Thank you Carlos, this post is for you!

-Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Carlos, I am 40 years old and I am a personal trainer and nutritionist.

-When did your alopecia start?

My alopecia started when I was around 30 or 32 years old, I guess paternal inheritance is one of the main reasons.

-Why did you decide on prostheses?, How did you know HairSolution? What motivated you to take the plunge?

Many years ago I was probing ways to have hair (treatments, grafts, etc.) until one day by chance I saw something about a prosthesis on the internet. I started researching and found a page about Hairsolution and decided to go and find out. The treatment and information were very good, it was what I was looking for, I did not think about it anymore and the same day I made the decision to go ahead with the prosthesis and I made an appointment for the placement, a week later.

-How did you face your environment?, Have you told many people?

The day you put on the prosthesis and look in the mirror you see the great change you have made but I still had to go out and meet the people who know me … I’m not going to lie to you, you’re very nervous about what they’re going to tell you, what they’re going to think…

When they saw me, I had comments from all kinds, of some grace I did not get rid but personally the vast majority were very positive. The truth is that in a short time everything returns to normal and honestly worth it.

I haven’t been telling people, “Hey, look, I’m wearing prosthetics!” I’ve only told my most trusted circle, friends and family who ask you and who are the ones who see you often and notice the change.

But there are people you haven’t seen for a while, who when they see you again don’t even notice. Some tell you that they notice you differently but do not know the reason…

“The truth is that in a short time everything returns to normal and honestly it is worth it.”

-How do you feel now?, How has your life changed?

I frankly feel great to have taken the step and see the change that life can give you both physically and mentally.

Therefore, I encourage all those people who have been with alopecia problems for a long time and have not yet found anything effective to try hair prostheses. I didn’t think my solution was prosthetics and now I think it’s the only real solution to this problem.

-Did it take you to get used to wearing prostheses?

At first you feel weird when you see yourself, when you wash your hair, when you sleep, when you wake up…

You touch your head countless times to see that it is not a dream and that you actually have hair again. It was funny I had forgotten to comb my hair, but in a short time you get used to wearing it and you don’t even remember that it’s there.

-Is maintenance on your own complicated for you?

At first like everything new, it costs you a little, but with time and patience you learn to place it well and it becomes easy.

What advice would you give to those who are still hesitant to take the step?

If I had to give one piece of advice to someone who thought about it, it would be: Do it, really. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will get the change you have been waiting for many years.

-Any funny or curious anecdote you want to share…

I have an anecdote from when I put on the prosthesis: I met a couple of friends and I found them in the garage of their house. In the gloom I was approaching them and greeted them but they did not answer… They didn’t know me until I was by their side and they were left with a face of is that you?!

Her 3-year-old son I spend a lot of time with started crying because he didn’t know me. To this day the child does not cry, but his first reaction was like seeing a stranger.

We hope that this story will bring you closer to understanding what the personal experience of a prosthetic user entails. Taking the step is one of those decisions that change your life, so remember the phrase of Carlos and many other clients:

“Do it, really. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Carlos- Hair Prosthesis


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