Care of hair prostheses in summer

The arrival of summer means for everyone, travel time, vacations, parties, pool, beach and a lot of heat. But, for users of hair prostheses, sweat, high temperatures and humidity represent elements that generate certain concerns, so we invite you to continue reading so that you clear all doubts and can enjoy the sun and summer without worries. With the following recommendations you can have fun without neglecting your hair prosthesis.

Care of hair prostheses in summer

The first thing to keep in mind is that, if you plan to go to the beach or pool, you must do the maintenance at least one day in advance, since you can not wet the adhesive, – be it tape or liquid glue – until 24 hours after putting it on for the first time, this to strengthen its adherence to the scalp. Otherwise you run the risk that by excess water, sweat and heat, takes off ahead of time.

A very important product for a good fixation during these months, is the protective scalp. You should choose a special one for high sweating, which helps maintain the balance of your scalp, avoiding excessive secretion of oil and neutralizing the effects of hot or humid weather. In our store you can find the Max Hold Sport.

Choose the right products

We know that during the holidays you want to enjoy to the fullest, and every minute counts, so you have to evaluate which is the best adhesive for the occasion. Lux Hair’s Super Hold glue offers us a more undetectable option, but the technique and drying times may take away valuable time. If you are already experts with the process, it is best to use it only on the front and make small tweaks if necessary. On the other hand, adhesive tapes are a fast and resistant alternative. They are more convenient in case you want to postpone maintenance a little more than seven days.

Now, once the prosthesis is well fixed, the next thing is to take care of it. We recommend avoiding direct exposure to the sun as much as possible. UV rays are a very harmful enemy of the hair fiber, because they affect its color and texture. Sunlight destroys the pigments, melanin and keratin present in the hair, resulting in lighter, dull, rough and brittle hair. If it is unavoidable to be exposed to sunlight, it is very important to use a special sunscreen for hair, even under the umbrella. There are many options, but always look for the specific ones for color protection and thus avoid oxidation that leaves greenish or reddish tones. Additionally, you can wear a cap or hat.

Hydration of hair prostheses

Another very important aspect for the care of the prosthesis during the summer and the rest of the year is to keep it hydrated. Some of the recommended sunscreens also have moisturizing properties, but in hot weather, you have to insist a little with the maintenance of the hair fiber and it is vital to use products that restore the proper moisture balance for the hair. You can use serums, conditioners or masks, specific for the sun or not, being essential that they are free of sulfates and parabens. You can try Lux Hair’s
keratin serum

When you leave the sea or pool, you must rinse the prosthesis with fresh water and remove the remains of chlorine and salts so harmful to the hair. Do not forget to touch up with sunscreen and / or moisturizer. It will only take you a few minutes and your prosthesis will thank you.

Avoid spending too much time in very hot waters, such as hot springs or steam saunas. This can loosen the adhesive used. In temperate or cold waters there is no risk of takeoff, if the placement or maintenance was carried out properly and with the recommended time.

Do not use during the day styling products such as waxes, lacquers, gums, foams, always give priority to hydrant and sunscreen.

Other important tips that you should take into account are:

If possible, pack a spare prosthesis and basic maintenance products. In case you have any problems with the prosthesis placed, it is best to have a plan b so as not to end the rest of the vacation with a cap or have to go home early because of the emergency.

When you are going to remove the piece, you can apply a biphasic conditioner or serum, before using the Lace Release, this is to protect the hair fiber from the alcohol of the product.

If at the end of the season you notice that the prosthesis has lost color, but is in good condition, remember that you can give it a color bath to renew the tone and restore the shine. It is advisable that you go to our stylists or professionals in your area to avoid dyeing the mesh of the prosthesis.

The most important recommendation:

And our last but most important recommendation if you go on a trip is: Enjoy! Surely, you have given 100% is your work or activities and now it is time to relax a little and repay all the effort. Feel more confident and do not allow the fear of the hair prosthesis being noticed or taking off to take away that security. Following these recommendations we can assure you that the only concern you will have about the passage of summer and the heat will be that it ends.

Leave your comments, they are very important to us, what do you think of this article about the care of hair prostheses in summer?

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