I’m sure of myself and what I want

What better way to show you the satisfaction of Hair Solution customers, than through their own testimonial. Interviewing our users allows us to strengthen relationships and know what are the main aspects that you consider when making the decision to place a hair prosthesis.

It is a change that supposes an improvement in the physical and therefore in the self-esteem of the client, transforming his life.

Today we bring you the testimony of David, a 36-year-old boy who enjoys cinema, music and works as a team leader for a well-known mobile phone company. For his work he travels constantly between the peninsula and the Canary Islands, but he also likes leisure trips outside Spain three times a year. We take this opportunity to thank you for telling us about your experience and documenting your transformation.

Carlos arrived at the Hair Solution center with a big smile, the kind people have when they know something good is coming. He was already wearing a prosthesis from another house, only in very bad condition and we wanted to inquire about his expectations …

How long have you been a prosthesis user?
– I’ve only been using prostheses for two months, but this one I’m wearing, it’s the first one and I put it on outside of Spain.

What other options did you consider before getting the prosthesis?
– I was looking at the hair transplant, but I’m a little afraid of operations and I see it as something unnecessary … I also have an acquaintance who had a graft and then had enough problems.

There are many alternatives to disguise, improve or eradicate baldness, but not all of them adapt to your lifestyle and needs. It is always advisable to document all the possibilities, in this case, the option of grafts was discarded for fear of the operating room, knowing that within this category there are various techniques such as skin micrografting, capillary biostimulation, hair infiltrations and finally hair transplantation, all of them likely not to obtain the desired results and some complications, that we will inform you in another more detailed article. Carlos wanted something less complicated, reversible and with immediate results.

Why did you decide to be a user of hair prostheses?
– I searched for two months for information on the Internet, until I came to your Youtube videos and they caught my attention.

What method did you use to disguise alopecia, before deciding on hair prostheses?
– I wasn’t a user of anything… of razors to shave my hair.

What led you to the decision to want to change?
I started going bald when I was 21… I felt insecure, I endured a long time without shaving. For a year and a half I let my hair grow especially for my wedding because my partner wore it shaved and I wanted to make a difference so that we were not the same. After this I realized it was time and looked for information. I took advantage of the holidays to make the switch and tried a company abroad.

What does your partner think about the decision?
– He likes it, although he has a shaved head, he is “freaking out” with my hair.

Do you care that people can notice that you wear prostheses?
When trying this prosthesis, people did not notice anything, and even asked me if I had surgery… I haven’t faced any uncomfortable questions, maybe people don’t usually use the term… They say wig or dream, something super old, but if someone realizes, it does not worry me either, it does not generate insecurity, I am sure of myself and what I want.

Something very important to highlight is that the latest generation hair prostheses – depending on the model you choose – are undetectable to the eye and touch, very different from the old systems that came with very high hair density and the quality of it did not allow a natural effect. Now, within this alternative, you know that there are prostheses for all tastes and needs and that is where the correct advice of the stylist becomes important to determine which is the system that best suits your requirements. David decided to try a prosthesis abroad, but it did not meet his expectations…

What is the most important feature for you in terms of hair prostheses?
May it last for long. This one that I take from another house has not lasted even two months. The decline of this piece has been very fast and in the end, in 3 weeks I had to make a great effort so that it is not noticed. Since I’m pretty direct, I asked my coworkers if they notice anything weird in my hair… They replied that I was wearing some bald heads. For me, the filter of how I carry it is to ask others.

hair prosthesis Hair Solution

“I want it to be practical but I also want to look good”

Each case is particular, there are users who prefer it to be totally undetectable and do not give importance to durability. Others, on the other hand, look for something intermediate that combines the two aspects. In Hair Solution, we always investigate the avant-garde pieces to offer you the best of the market and every so often we include in our catalog new pieces that meet your needs. We can tell you that we currently have more than ten models of standard prostheses, and if none of these suits your profile, the personalized prosthesis manufacturing service will always be available. In addition, our parts are subjected to a quality control process, and if any of them present factory defects we are able to respond with the guarantee established for each prosthesis.

David’s transformation was spectacular, when our stylist Javier finished his work, you could see his satisfaction and happiness.

What are your expectations with the placement of this Hair Solution prosthesis?
– Looking ahead to the summer, I can go to the pool, the beach, and bathe without problems. The previous cut they left me in the other house was much longer and I had to get up an hour early to comb my hair… I love this cut that I have made, I like to wear it like this because it reminds me of my last years before I ran out of hair. In short, I want it to be practical but I also want to look good.

In Hair Solution we are left with the satisfaction of having fulfilled our objective, renewing the image of David and thousands of other clients throughout these five years in the sector. We want to thank you for the trust placed in our team and we hope to meet soon those who are still undecided.

Do not worry about wearing a prosthesis in summer. Users can do their activities normally. In the following article we will expose the necessary care and answer all your questions, so do not forget to leave your comments and doubts, as they are very important to us.

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