Capillary micropigmentation vs. hair prostheses

Dear readers, let’s face the Capillary Micropigmentation Vs. Hair Prostheses. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this technique? Is it comparable or better solution than capillary systems or grafting? See…

What is capillary micropigmentation?

Surely you have already heard it because it is a technique that has time in the aesthetic sector, but it is more associated with women, since with this specialty they seek to correct or beautify certain parts of the face such as eyes and lips, but the most requested service is the eyebrow delineation. Here specialists draw eyebrows hair by hair, leaving a populated and meticulously combed appearance. The truth is that there are many cases where the final work looks great and looks like a perfect natural eyebrow. But before continuing, let’s define well what micropigmentation is so that no one gets lost.

This technique consists of the injection of pigments at the epidermal level, with very fine, hollow needles that make multiple incisions in the skin. Sound familiar? Yes, the Society of Permanent Delineation Professionals of the United States (SPCP) has established that micropigmentation is in fact a tattoo and is also considered as permanent makeup.

Is capillary micropigmentation a good idea?

The history of tattooing is prehistoric, primitive bodies of more than 400,000 years old have been found with evidence of pigment remains, but the first record on micropigmentation dates from 1850 where it was used to camouflage birthmarks and scars. Now, we do not know when or who came up with the idea of simulating hair with micropigmentation. But what an idea…

The desire to look good covers a whole series of principles and elements ranging from the environment or social group, economic situation, customs, to the desire of the individual to want to modify his body in order to improve or beautify his physique. But if you are considering or not, make a micropigmentation to “solve” your baldness problem let’s see before what are the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment.

Capillary Micropigmentation vs. Hair Prostheses

First from the aesthetic point of view:

This technique requires always shaved hair. This simulates that the person has hair, drawing hundreds of dots. The only exception is that it is an incipient alopecia where it is filled between natural hairs to hide a little. But, surely baldness will continue to advance and you will have to end up opting to shave the entire scalp. In this case, we recommend testing the hair fibers when it comes to diffuse alopecia… But then… is it really a solution, to pretend that you have hair but that you wear it shaved? It doesn’t sound very coherent… On the other hand, hair prostheses offer many options of hairstyles, styles and tones, in addition to the possibility of integration with gray hair and natural hair curl.

Duration of capillary micropigmentation:

We do not know if the fact of being permanent, is considered an advantage or disadvantage, although the duration of micropigmentation can vary according to the artist’s ability to perform a correct implantation, the quality of the pigment and the person’s own immune system.

And if in any case it is not permanent, it can lead to aesthetic complications such as dispersion or elimination of the pigment or decrease in its quality. But let’s say it’s permanent. Is this quality beneficial?

This technique is something that will stay forever with you and carries the same risks as when we get a tattoo, the design you had imagined was a work of art in your mind, but when you take it to the skin, the result is a total disaster, so there is no turning back, it is time to opt for painful laser treatments to erase it, in cases where you can, draw another tattoo on top or simply keep your doodle.

In the case of micropigmentation to create false hair, a bad job is totally irreversible and that should be respected. What happens if at the end of the treatment, the result is not what you expected?

From the practical point of view:

Micropigmentation can be comfortable and functional at first glance. You go, they tattoo your skull, they come out happy with shaved style and forget for life to do something for your “hair”. What an advantage… But it is not so, if the degree of alopecia is intermediate, the natural hair will continue to grow and therefore you will have to shave every millimeter that protrudes so that the difference is not noticed.

In addition, probably after a few weeks have passed after the first treatment session, you have to attend a review or recognition session, to evaluate if it is necessary to perform a retouching -this usually happens almost in 90% of cases-, where they draw again keeping the highest level of detail possible.

You also have to put sunscreen, daily, at least during the first months, or if you are more careful, throughout life so that it does not lose color and avoid damage from UV rays, which can cause skin cancer.

From the medical point of view:

This technique crosses the skin, the body’s natural protective barrier and therefore poses a health risk. There are many complications that can occur, but according to the portal Salud Madrid, the most common are:

Infection: There is a risk of infection in the wound that occurs and transmission of infectious diseases as important as HIV, Hepatitis B or C, etc.

Allergies. The components of the inks used may develop some type of allergy. It should be noted that the inks must be duly identified and authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products.

Keloid formation. There is a risk of poor healing and the formation of keloid scars, which are skin lesions caused by exaggerated growths of scar tissue.

Conclusions on capillary micropigmentation:

In conclusion, after seeing the pros and cons of this technique, we can only recommend that before resorting to a specific solution, think about several options, since getting a tattoo or microblanding is very easy, but it does not always have good results.

And if you are still decided by this treatment, we recommend that you inform yourself well if the establishment has the corresponding authorization, if the material used in these techniques, needles and everything that crosses the skin, is sterile and disposable and finally that the tattoo artists comply with the rules of hygiene and safety.

If you have any questions or are not sure, take your time. In our Hair Solution center we offer you the option of undetectable hair prostheses. We have received in our facilities several customers dissatisfied with the result and end up placing a hair prosthesis that, although it is not a definitive solution, if it is very bearable, practical, with natural results and that does not represent health risks.

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