We’re back! Hair prostheses are booming

It has been a long time without publications but… We’re back! We know how much you like the articles and we have decided to resume our blog so that we can exchange information, ideas, doubts and many tips that we are sure you will find interesting.

What better way to do it than talking about the boom that hair prostheses are having in the world and specifically in Spain. It may seem that our silence translates into a decline in the market or that the issue is already a thing of the past, but nothing is further from reality … Hair prostheses can now be compared to jeans… They go with everything and will never go out of style…

In a period of time less than 5 years, the variety of hair solutions to combat alopecia, seem to be -after the options to lose weight- the products that generate more stir, interest and demand.

And if you think that in Spain there is a lot of talk about the subject, you are right. But we must do it, because according to a study conducted by a renowned hair center, it has been determined that we are the second country with the most baldness in the world, with 42.60% of cases of alopecia, only behind the Czech Republic with 42.79 %. So feel calm, if you thought it only happened to you, now you know that there are many who are going through the same situation …

Due to this, the number of hair centers, hairdressers, barbershops and brands that offer various solutions for alopecia have increased. There are more and more options to choose between prostheses, fibers, transplants, grafts, micropigmentation, pills, oils, among others.

The diversity of alternatives could be considered as a good thing, but the problem is that among so many possibilities you do not always end up making the best decision. Many times the lack of information, false expectations or poor guidance from the professional, translate into frustrated and insecure customers with their appearance, who in the long run continue looking for solutions or end up getting tired and abandon the goal.

At Hair Solution we have experienced very closely this growing demand from interested customers. We can say that, compared to last year, to date, the services to users of hair prostheses of our center in Madrid, increased by 45%, of which 50% are men between 25 and 45 years, 20% men between 45 and 65 years, 20% women between 25 and 45 years and 10% women between 45 and 65 years. Likewise, the sale of our hair fibers for both private customers and professionals in the sector has increased by 34% compared to last year.

This boom in hair solutions translates into growth for our company, and we will always be oriented to meet your expectations of quality and service. In Hair Solution we work daily to continue growing, soon we will have surprises that in due course we will tell you …

For now, we can only recommend that, if you are thinking of finding an effective solution for your alopecia problems, the first thing is that you feed on quality information and look for the best professional information before taking the final step. Finding the best option that suits your needs according to lifestyle, economic situation or environment, is not always easy if it is done in a hurry. It is worth taking some time to evaluate the consequences of the final decision.

We are sure that whether they are cases of mild or advanced alopecia, in Hair Solution you will find your solution thanks to our advice, service and quality that has characterized us throughout these 5 years in the market, positioning us as a reference company and leader in the sector. Such an important change is preferable to do it hand in hand with the best professionals… Our stylists will guide you on the best path to find what you have been looking for… your best version.

Don’t forget to leave your comments. They are very important to us…


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