We are in the middle of the electoral campaign, there are less than 3 days left for the General Elections. From HairSolution we do not know who will be the next President of the Government but what we are sure of is that he will not be bald.

If we analyze the capillary power of each of the candidates we can establish the following ranking:

In the No. 1 position we would have Pablo Iglesias and his famous ponytail
: It is clear that it is the one that has the most hair of the four candidates, but the look of the ponytail does not convince us at all, since its hair seems somewhat oily and sometimes can give the feeling of little neat.

In HairSolution we believe that short hair would favor you as you can see in this video-montage of the anthill: , but perhaps it would make you lose your essence, since the ponytail is part of your personal image. For that reason we consider that slight reflections and that lighten your hair in a very subtle way would help you convey an image of a more careful hair without having to deny your look.

AR Interview:
Interview El hormiguero

In the No. 2 position we would place Pedro Sánchez. Although it is positioned second in terms of quantity of hair is concerned, from Hairsolution we consider that the socialist candidate is the one with the best hair quality. Pedro has healthy, populated hair, with a good cut and with a percentage of gray hair that gives it a touch of “sexy maturity”.

In HairSolution we are supporters of gray hair and in the case of Sánchez we believe that they bring seriousness and credibility to his image. There are many cases like that of the socialist leader in which I pass the years and that the appearance of gray hair, does not age, but makes us more interesting. Sometimes it is better to preserve gray hair than to dye it, since the dye can give an unnatural appearance that in the case of gentlemen is easily noticeable.

Pedro Sánchez without gray hair a few years ago – Pedro Sanchez today

3rd place goes to Albert Rivera. A little difference from Sánchez we position the candidate of Citizens, who has known how to combat his alopecia problems in time to face the electorate with a renewed image at the height of the circumstances.

Albert Rivera 2014 Albert Rivera 2015

In just one year, his hair has undergone major changes. In 2014 he had entries and a straight hair not too abundant, at present, he sports a much more populated and long curly hair. From Ciudadanos they affirm that it is not any type of implant or hair graft, and that the only thing the candidate has done is to follow a very simple alopecia treatment that consists of taking hair pills that strengthen your hair.

Pills? Hair implant? or hair prosthesis? Only he has the right to tell or not the solution he has taken. But whatever it is, it is much better so from HairSolution we congratulate you for that positive makeover. We also encourage both politicians and non-politicians to change if they are not comfortable with their image.

In 4th place we place Mariano Rajoy. We do not know if Rajoy is the best candidate for the Presidency, but if he is the perfect candidate for the use of HairSolution hair fibers ( . The President of the Government suffers from one of the most common cases of male androgenic alopecia that affects the density of hair in the crown area.

With the Hairsolution hair fibers our current president would recover the density in this area with a simple application, avoiding those uncomfortable images in which “you see the cardboard”:

On the other hand, another existential doubt arises regarding Mariano’s hair:
To dye or not to dye that is the question? In the case of the President it is obvious the use of dyes and we are very fans of gray hair but we consider that Mr. Rajoy, the dye is not all bad since a very high level of gray hair would make him too old as we can see in the virtual recreation.

Virtual recreation of Rajoy with many more gray hairs than he usually looks (

Finally, I remind you that there are very few bald politicians worldwide who have reached the Presidency being elected by the electorate. Perhaps this particular ranking may have some relationship with the results of December 20, who knows…? We will discuss it with you after the elections.

After this review of the heads of the political class, we can only wish you all a very happy holiday:

May 2016 bring more success and much more hair for everyone: politicians, artists, dentists, tightrope walkers, tronistas, athletes, journalists, machinists, economists, stylists… For everyone:



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