Promotions in hair prostheses and Hair Solution services

From Hair Solution we want to give you all the possible facilities to make your day to day with a hair prosthesis easier. That’s why we launch promotional bonuses with which you will save a lot of time and money.

The first one is a bonus of 4 hair prostheses + hairdressing service (advice, molding, cutting, placement and styling) for € 950. In this way, it is not necessary to endure long waits until the piece arrives, find that there is no one in stock that fits your characteristics or gamble and that you get a piece with a density or a tonality that does not fit your case, you get your perfect prosthesis at the moment, always being prepared for possible emergencies that may arise.

And if you want to put yourself in professional hands and not worry about maintenance, we also offer several maintenance bonuses and lateral cuts that can be combined. The excellent work of our team will guarantee a perfect maintenance that will extend the life of your prosthesis and allow you to look more careful.


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