EMT Medical Adhesive Tapes

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Looking for strong hypoallergenic adhesive tapes?

EMT Medical Adhesive Tapes are are specially designed for sensitive skin.

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EMT Medical Adhesive Tapes are hypoallergenic and specially designed for sensitive skin.

With adhesive tapes, you’ll never have to worry about the attachment of your hair prosthesis or wig.

They’re hypoallergenic, helping reduce the risk of triggering an allergic reaction.

How to use EMT tapes:

You can attach the tapes in two ways:

1. On your head. Remove the two white strips and place them on your head with the blue letters facing upwards.

2. On the hairpiece. Remove the strip with the blue letters, leaving the two white strips visible.


Each packet contains 36 strips.



If you want to comb your hair back or you’re using a toupee, place the tape 0.5 cm behind the hairline and stick on the excess part with liquid adhesive.

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