SuperTape Adhesive Tape | 3 – 36 yards

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Looking for strong, easy-to-clean adhesive tapes?

SuperTape is one of the industry-leading brands of adhesive tapes for hairpieces, known for their long-lasting hold.

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SuperTape, the strongest and cleanest adhesive tapes on the market.

With SuperTape adhesive tapes, you’ll never have to worry about the attachment of your hairpiece.

SuperTape is designed for you to lead a normal life and take part in any type of activity, such as swimming, playing football, riding a motorbike, etc.

The tapes have an incredibly long life, do not degrade and are easy to clean. What’s more, they’re water-resistant, transparent and odourless.


36 yards = 33 metres

12 yards = 11 metres

3 yards = 2.75 metres


If you want to comb your hair back or you’re using a toupee, place the tape 0.5 cm behind the hairline and stick on the excess part with liquid adhesive.

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12 Yards, 3 Yards, 36 Yards