Hair Prosthesis HD Ultra

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The thinnest and most undetectable hair prosthesis on the market. Despite its non-breathable skin base, it is exceptionally adaptable and natural. Fitting and maintenance require expert knowledge as it is very fragile. Estimated duration: 1-3 months.

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When you receive your order, if you encounter any problems or if you are not satisfied with the hair prosthesis you have received, you should not manipulate it, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but remember that in order to ensure the guarantee of your Hair Prosthesis, the hairpiece must not have been manipulated, including cutting, combing, washing, or dyeing. Otherwise, the guarantee shall be forfeited and no refund will be possible.

If the prosthesis has been previously adapted to the user’s mould by our team it will also be out of guarantee. In any case, please contact customer service to verify your case carefully in order to find a proper solution.

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*Please check the availability of colours before placing your order. Delivery time 48h – 72h